Keynote speaker

Modelling and analysing mixed reality applications

Prof. Hanna Klaudel

Prof. Hanna Klaudel

IBISC - Informatique, Biologie Intégrative & Systèmes Complexes
University of Evry, France


In the field of formal methods for mixed reality applications, we present the MIRELA (Mixed Reality Language) framework, composed of:

  1. a language allowing a high level, and partially abstract, specification of a concurrent real-time system,
  2. the corresponding semantics, which defines the translation of the system to concrete networks of timed automata,
  3. a methodology for analysing various real-time properties,
  4. an implementation strategy.

We focus here on various analysis techniques for detecting and dealing with undesired behaviours such as deadlocks or starvations in some components.

Brief biography of the Speaker

Hanna Klaudel received her PhD from Paris XI University in 1995, for a work on compositional modelling of concurrent systems and programming languages. She joined the University of Evry in 2003 as a full professor. During the last few years her research interests centre on the modelling of concurrent systems, especially using high-level Petri nets, process algebras and timed automata, based on concepts coming from the theory of concurrency and from software engineering.

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