Keynote speaker

Use of technology in health and social care

Professor Luc de Witte

Professor Luc de Witte

University of Sheffield, UK


Luc de Witte will speak about the use of technology in health and social care. In this context, especially when thinking about assistive technology for people with disabilities that supports them in everyday life, the user interface is extremely important. But also when technology is used by healthcare professionals it should be as intuitive and simple as possible. In his presentation Luc will present some good examples and some more problematic examples, and will discuss how developers can optimise the chances of their technology to be used.

Brief biography of the Speaker

Professor Luc de Witte is a Chair in Health Services Research within the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield. He joined the University of Sheffield in October 2016.

Prof de Witte trained as a medical doctor, but has never practiced medicine. He has always worked on practice oriented research in the field of rehabilitation and long term care, including elderly care, care for people with mental or physical disabilities and care for people with chronic diseases. Before moving to Sheffield in October 2016 he was Professor of Technology in Care at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and director of an innovation centre (EIZT: connecting about 35 partners in healthcare, industry and academia.

Prof de Witte has been involved in a large number of research and development projects. They all had a practice oriented character and aimed to generate knowledge to support care practice and policy. He was principal investigator of around 50 projects in the field of rehabilitation and long-term care. Main themes in his research are: assistive technology service delivery, development and evaluation of e-health applications, care robotics, health care innovation, chronic disease management. Over the years he has attracted a substantial number of research grants. During his whole career the total amount is above 15 million euro. He has co-authored over 275 publications in international journals.

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