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ICMMI 2009 Program ICMMI 2009 Program

Thursday 24.09.2009
16:00 Registration
18:00 Dinner (for late arrivals served till 21:00)
Friday 25.09.2009
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Registration (open till lunch)
09:30 Welcome session
09:45 In Memoriam Adam Mrózek
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 Keynote talks
Rough-Granular Computing in Human-Centric Information Processing

A. Jankowski, A.Skowron (p. 23)
Stochastic Effects in Signaling Pathways in Cells: Interaction between Visualization and Modeling

M. Kimmel (p. 11)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session A: Computational Techniques in Biosciences (5 papers)
Analyze of Maldi-TOF Proteomic Spectra with Usage of Mixture of Gaussian Distributions

M. Plechawska, J. Polańska, A. Polański, M. Pietrowska, R. Tarnawski, P. Widlak, M. Stobiecki, Ł. Marczak (p. 113)
Energy Properties of Protein Structures in the Analysis of the Human RAB5A Cellular Activity

D. Mrozek, B. Małysiak-Mrozek, S. Kozielski, S. Górczyńska-Kosiorz (p. 121)
Bayes Multistage Classifier and Boosted C4.5 Algorithm in Acute Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

R. Burduk, M. Woźniak (p. 371)
Estimation of the Number of Primordial Genes in a Compartment Model of RNA World

D. Myszor, K. A. Cyran (p. 151)
Quasi Dominance Rough Set Approach in Testing for Traces of Natural Selection at Molecular Level

K. A. Cyran (p. 163)
16:15 Coffee break
16:30 Session B: Rough-Fuzzy Investigations (5 papers)
Classification Algorithms Based on Template's Decision Rules

B. Marszał-Paszek, P. Paszek, A. Wakulicz-Deja (p. 321)
Data Grouping Process in Extended SQL Language Containing Fuzzy Elements

B. Małysiak-Mrozek, D. Mrozek, S. Kozielski (p. 247)
Fuzzy Rough Entropy Clustering Algorithm Parametrization

D. Małyszko, J. Stepaniuk (p. 239)
On Construction of Partial Association Rules with Weights

M. Ju. Moshkov, M. Piliszczuk, B. Zielosko (p. 229)
Fuzzy Clustering and Gene Ontology Based Decision Rules for Identification and Description of Gene Groups

A. Gruca, M. Kozielski, M. Sikora (p. 141)
18:00 Dinner
19:30 In Memoriam Adam Mrózek - Polish session
Saturday 26.09.2009
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Keynote talks
Open letter to the conference attendees (Lecture cancelled)

J. F. Peters
Speech Man-Machine Communication

R. Tadeusiewicz, G. Demenko (p. 3)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Session C: Human-Computer Interactions (6 papers)
A Psycholinguistic Model of Man-Machine Interactions Based on Needs of Human Personality

A. Horzyk, R. Tadeusiewicz (p. 55)
Adaptable Graphical User Interfaces for Player-Based Applications

Ł. Wyciślik (p. 69)
Case-Based Reasoning Model in Process of Emergency Management

J. Krupka, M. Kasparova, P. Jirava (p. 77)
Enterprise Ontology According to Roman Ingarden Formal Ontology

J. Andreasik (p. 85)
Hand Shape Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction

J. Marnik (p. 95)
From Museum Exhibits to 3D Models

A. Tomaka, L. Luchowski, K. Skabek (p. 477)
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Session D1: Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Virtual Reality (7 papers) Session D2: Databases and Data Warehousing (7 papers)
Spatial Color Distribution Based Indexing and Retrieval Scheme

M. Łuszczkiewicz, B. Smołka (p. 419)
Usage of the Universal Object Model in Database Schemas Comparison and Integration

M. Budny, K. Harężlak (p. 563)
Synthesis of Static Medical Images with an Active Shape Model

Z. S. Hippe, J. W. Grzymała-Busse, Ł. Piątek (p. 429)
Computational Model for Efficient Processing of Geofield Queries

P. Bajerski, S. Kozielski (p. 573)
New Method for Personalization of Avatar Animation

P. Szczuko, B. Kostek, A. Czyżewski (p. 435)
How to Efficiently Generate PNR Representation of a Qualitative Geofield

P. Bajerski (p. 595)
Computing the Longest Common Transposition-Invariant Subsequenc with GPU

S. Deorowicz (p. 551)
Applying Advanced Methods of Query Selectivity Estimation in Oracle DBMS

D. R. Augustyn (p. 585)
Shape Recognition Using Partitioned Iterated Function Systems

K. Gdawiec (p. 451)
RBTAT: Red-Black Table Aggregate Tree

M. Gorawski, S. Bańkowski, M. Gorawski (p. 605)
Computer Vision Support for the Orthodontic Diagnosis

A. Tomaka, A. Pisulska-Otremba (p. 459)
Performing Range Aggregate Queries In Stream Data Warehouse

M. Gorawski, R. Malczok (p. 615)
Multidimensional Labyrinth – Multidimensional Virtual Reality

D. Jamroz (p. 445)
LVA-Index: an Efficient Way to Determine Nearest Neighbors

P. Lasek (p. 623)
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Session E1: Advances in Classification Methods (6 papers) Session E2: Advances in Algorithmics (7 papers)
Decision Tree Induction Methods for Distributed Environment

K. Walkowiak, M. Woźniak (p. 201)
A Method for Automatic Standardization of Text Attributes without Reference Data Sets

Ł. Ciszak (p. 489)
Fast Orthogonal Neural Network for Adaptive Fourier Amplitude Spectrum Computation in Classification Problems

B. Stasiak, M. Yatsymirskyy (p. 327)
The Comparison of an Adapted Evolutionary Algorithm with the Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm Based on the Problem of Predetermining the Progress of Distributed Data Merging Process

D. Kostrzewa, H. Josiński (p. 505)
Privacy Preserving Classification for Ordered Attributes

P. Andruszkiewicz (p. 353)
Internal Conflict-Free Projection Sets

Ł. Mikulski (p. 497)
Incorporating Detractors into SVM Classification

M. Orchel (p. 361)
Cumulation of Pheromone Values in Web Searching Algorithm

U. Boryczka, I. Polak (p. 515)
Remark on Membership Functions in Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

K. Simiński (p. 291)
On Two Variants of the Longest Increasing Subsequence Problem

S. Deorowicz, S. Grabowski (p. 541)
Application of Discriminant Analysis to Distinction of Musical Instruments on the Basis of Selected Sound Parameters

A. Wieczorkowska, A. Kubik-Komar (p. 407)
Mining for Unconnected Frequent Graphs with Direct Subgraph Isomorphism Tests

Ł. Skonieczny (p. 523)
Numerical Evaluation of the Random Walk Search Algorithm

A. Biernacki (p. 533)
18:00 Free time
20:00 Banquet with live music and folklore
Sunday 27.09.2009
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Session F1: Rough and Fuzzy Support (6 papers) Session F2: Embedded Systems Applications (6 papers)
Approximate String Matching by Fuzzy Automata

V. Snasel, A. Keprt, A. Abraham, A. E. Hassanien (p. 281)
The VHDL Implementation of Reconfigurable MIPS Processor

A. Ziębiński, S. Świerc (p. 663)
Relative Reduct-Based Selection of Features for ANN Classifier

U. Stańczyk (p. 335)
Basic Component of Computational Intelligence for IRb-1400 Robots

T. Szkodny (p. 637)
Extensions of Multistage Decision Transition Systems: the Rough Set Perspective

K. Pancerz (p. 209)
Factors Having Influence upon Efficiency of an Integrated Wired-Wireless Network

B. Zieliński (p. 647)
Rough Sets in Flux: Crispings and Change

M. Wolski (p. 257)
Time Optimal Target Following by a Mobile Vehicle

K. Skrzypczyk (p. 671)
Simplification of Neuro-Fuzzy Models

K. Simiński (p. 265)
Improving Quality of Satellite Navigation Devices

K. Tokarz, M. Dzik (p. 679)
Fuzzy Weighted Averaging of Biomedical Signal Using Bayesian Inference

A. Momot (p. 133)
FFT Based EMG Signals Analysis on FPGAs for Dexterous Hand Prosthesis Control

J. Góra, P. M. Szecówka, A. R. Wołczowski (p. 655)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Session G1: Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing (5 papers) Session G2: Decision Rule Inferrence and Representation (4 papers)
Skrybot – A System for Automatic Speech Recognition of Polish Language

L. Pawlaczyk, P. Bosky (p. 381)
System for Knowledge Mining in Data from Interactions between User and Application

I. Bluemke, A. Orlewicz (p. 103)
Fuzzy Weighted Averaging Using Criterion Function Minimization

A. Momot, M. Momot (p. 273)
The Way of Rules Representation in Composited Knowledge Bases

A. Nowak, A. Wakulicz-Deja (p. 175)
Speaker Verification Based on Fuzzy Classifier

A. Dustor (p. 389)
Clustering of Partial Decision Rules

A. Nowak, B. Zielosko (p. 183)
Support Vector Classifier with Linguistic Interpretation of the Kernel Matrix in Speaker Verification

M. Bąk (p. 399)
Decision Trees Constructing over Multiple Data Streams

J. Martyna (p. 191)
Enhanced Ontology Based Profile Comparison Mechanism for Better Recommendation

R. P. Bora, C. Bhandari, A. Mehta (p. 445)
12:00 Farewell session
13:00 Lunch

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