ICMMI 2017 Program ICMMI 2017 Program
ICMMI 2017 Poster Session Program ICMMI 2017 Poster Session Program

Tuesday 03.10.2017
17:00 Registration starts
18:00 Welcome reception
Wednesday 04.10.2017
08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome session
09:10 Keynote lecture
Advances In Hand-Eye Robot Interactions

Jan Paul Siebert
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 SESSION A: A: Human – Computer Interfaces
Typing Braille Code in the Air with the Leap Motion Controller

Krzysztof Dobosz
OneHandBraille: An Alternative Virtual Keyboard for Blind People

Krzysztof Dobosz
Automation in Human-Machine Networks: How Increasing Machine Agency Affects Human Agency

Asbjørn Følstad
Pattern Lock Evaluation Framework for Mobile Devices: Human Perception of the Pattern Strength Measure

Zdzisław Sroczyński
11:50 Coffee break
12:10 SESSION B: Bio-data Analysis and Mining
Functional Interpretation of Gene Sets: Semantic-Based Clustering of Gene Ontology Terms on the BioTest Platform

Aleksandra Gruca
Searching for Cancer Signatures Using Data Mining Techniques

Marcin Pacholczyk
Consensus approach for detection of somatic mutations

Katarzyna Sieradzka, Kinga Leszczorz
CCES: Cancer Clonal Evolution Simulation Program

Krzysztof Szymiczek
13:30 Lunch
14:30 SESSION C: Image Analysis and Signal Processing
Touchless Virtual Keyboard Controlled by Eye Blinking and EEG Signals

Krzysztof Dobosz
Modeling Quantized Coefficients with Generalized Gaussian Distribution with Exponent 1/m, m=2,3,...

Robert Krupinski
Tuning and Evolving Support Vector Machine Models

Jakub Nalepa
Linguistically Described Covariance Matrix Estimation

Tomasz Przybyla
15:50 Coffe break
16:10 SESSION D: Decision Support and Expert Systems - part 1
Identification of Most Affected Parameter for Design for Remanufacturing of Scrap Piston by Taguchi Desirablility Function Analysis

Nidhi Agrawal
DBpedia and YAGO as Knowledge Base for Natural Language Based Question Answering - The Evaluation

Tomasz Boiński
Expressing the notion of a mathematical structure in the formal language of Mizar

Adam Grabowski
Early Detection of Fire Hazard Using Fuzzy Inference System

Tomasz Grychowski
17:30 Conference photo
17:45 Hanging posters
18:00 Poster Session with food, drinks and guided tour of the Lubicz brewery
21:00 Poster session ends
Thursday 05.10.2017
09:00 SESSION E: Decision Support and Expert Systems - part 2
Classification of clients on the basis of modifying case-based reasoning algorithms

Filip Mezera
Automatic Algorithms for the Construction of Element Partition Trees for Isogeometric Finite Element Methods

Anna Paszyńska
Exceptional Association Rule Set Mining from Oral Health Assessment Databases

Karou Shimada
Application of Fuzzy Set Expert System for Testing Selected Specification Parameters of Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

Sebastian Temich
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 SESSION F: Pattern Recogniton – part 1
Eye Movement Traits in Differentiating Experts and Novices

Katarzyna Harezlak
A Comparison of Polish Wordnets in the View of Semantic Features Mapping

Tomasz Jastrząb
Association Rules in Data with Various Time Periods

Krzysztof Karpio
The Accuracy of the Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Krzyszof Skabek
12:00 Coffee break
12:20 Keynote lecture
Deep Learning with Spiking Random Neural Networks

Erol Gelenbe
13:20 Lunch
14:30 SESSION G: Pattern Recogniton – part 2
Complexity Analysis of the Parallel Memetic Algorithm for Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows

Jakub Nalepa
Behind the Scenes of Deadline24: Solving the Modified Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Jakub Nalepa
Reading Book by the Cover - Book Genre Detection Using Short Descriptions

Antoni Sobkowicz
Design Classification Based on Matching Graph Kernels

Barbara Strug
15:50 Session ends
16:00 Cracow sightseeing tour (approximate time 2 hours)
20:00 Banquet
Friday 06.10.2017
09:00 SESSION H: Algorithms and Optimization
Improvements in DNA Reads Corrections

Maciej Długosz
Even Faster Sorting of (Not Only) Integers

Marek Kokot
New Adaptations for Evolutionary Algorithm Applied to Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment System for Serious Game

Ewa Lach
Partial Board Tree Search

Robert Perlinski
10:20 Coffee break
10:40 SESSION I: Computer Networks and Databases
Copula-based Module for Selectivity Estimation of Multidimensional Range Queries

Dariusz Rafal Augustyn
A Queueing Model of an Insurance Database Interactive System, Comparison of Modelling Methods

Tadeusz Czachórski
Inequalities for Workload Process in Queues With NBU/NWU input

Ksenia Kalinina
Frequent Sequence Mining in Web Log Data

Paweł Weichbroth
12:00 Coffee break
12:20 Keynote lecture
Intelligent Forensics, Big Data and Applications - Security, Safer Transportation and Greener World in Interactive Learning Environment

Patrick S.P. Wang
13:20 Closing session. Best presentation and poster awards.
13:30 Lunch

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