Conference Proceedings

ICMMI 2019 conference proceedings

ICMMI 2019 Conference Program

ICMMI 2019 Conference Program ICMMI 2019 Conference Program

ICMMI 2019 Social Program

ICMMI 2019 Social Program ICMMI 2019 Social Program

Wednesday 02.10.2019
09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome session
10:10 Keynote lecture 1
Use of Technology in Health and Social Care

Luc de Witte
11:10 Coffee break
11:30 SESSION A: Human – Computer Interfaces 1
Head-Based Text Entry Methods for Motor-Impaired People

Krzysztof Dobosz
VEEP—The System for Motion Tracking in Virtual Reality

Jan Mrzygłód
Immersive Virtual Reality for Assisting in Inclusive Architectural Design

Ewa Lach
12:30 Coffee break
12:50 SESSION B: Human – Computer Interfaces 2
Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Evoked Potentials Detection

Michał Piela
A Review on the Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication

Krzysztof Tokarz
Predictions of Age and Mood Based on Changes in Saccades Parameters

Albert Śledzianowski
13:50 Conference photo
14:00 Lunch
15:10 SESSION C: Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery
FIT2COMIn – Robust Clustering Algorithm for Incomplete Data

Krzysztof Simiński
GrFCM – Granular Clustering of Granular Data

Krzysztof Simiński
Influence of the Applied Outlier Detection Methods on the Quality of Classification

Błażej Moska
16:10 Coffe break
16:30 SESSION D: Bio-data and Bio-signal Analysis
LCR-BLAST—A New Modification of BLAST to Search for Similar Low Complexity Regions in Protein Sequences

Patryk Jarnot
Risk Susceptibility of Brain Tumor Classification to Adversarial Attacks

Rishika Bharti
Prediction of Drug Potency and Latent Relation Analysis in Precision Cancer Treatment

Rishika Bharti
Predictive Model for Detecting Trust in Technology from Psychophysiological Signals

Ighoyota Ben Ajenaghughrure
17:40 Session ends
18:30 Cracow sightseeing tour
20:00 Conference dinner
Thursday 03.10.2019
09:00 Keynote lecture 2
Musings on the Prospects and Limitations of Supercomputing Machines Surpassing or Augmenting Human Intelligence

Marek Michalewicz
10:00 Coffee break
10:20 SESSION E: Pattern Recognition and Classification 1
Evaluation of Cosine Similarity Feature for Named Entity Recognition on Tweets

Onur Buyuktopac
Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition During Skiing

Marek Hermansa
Recognition of Tennis Shots Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Three-Dimensional Data

Edyta Łukasik
On Unsupervised and Supervised Discretisation in Mining Stylometric Features

Urszula Stańczyk
11:40 Coffee break
12:00 SESSION F: Pattern Recognition and Classification 2
Ensembles of Active Adaptive Incremental Classifiers

Michał Kozielski
Predictive Algorithms in Social Sciences – Problematic Internet Use Example

Eryka Probierz
Optimizing Training Data and Hyperparameters of Support Vector Machines Using a Memetic Algorithm

Wojciech Dudzik
Induction of Centre-Based Biclusters in Terms of Boolean Reasoning

Marcin Michalak
13:20 Lunch
14:30 SESSION G: Algorithms and Optimization
Audio-Visual TV Broadcast Signal Segmentation

Josef Chaloupka
Classifying Relation via Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks with Transfer Learning

Yuting Han
Using Copula and Quantiles Evolution in Prediction of Multidimensional Distributions for Better Query Selectivity Estimation

Dariusz Rafal Augustyn
Issues on Performance of Reactive Programming in the Java Ecosystem with Persistent Data Sources

Lukasz Wycislik
Data sharding – the missing link in scaling SQL databases for cloud applications

Lukasz Wycislik
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Closing session. Best presentation award.

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