ICMMI 2011 Program ICMMI 2011 Program

Thursday 06.10.2011
12:00 Registration starts
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Welcome session
15:15 Keynote lecture 1
The Future of Human-Machine Interaction: Implant Technology

Kevin Warwick (p. 11)
16:15 Coffee break
16:30 Session A: Robot Control and Navigation Systems
Remote Control and Monitoring of AX-12 Robotic Arm Based on Windows Communication Foundation

Michał A. Mikulski, Tadeusz Szkodny (p. 77)
Solution Algorithm of Inverse Kinematics Problem for Kuka KRC3 Robots

Tadeusz Szkodny, Michał A. Mikulski (p. 67)
Influence of Receiver Parameters on GPS Navigation Accuracy

Krzysztof Tokarz, Jarosław Paduch, Łukasz Herb (p. 85)
Integrity Events Analysis at OLEG GNSS Station in EGNOS Data Collection Network

Oleg Antemijczuk, Bartłomiej Szady, Krzysztof A. Cyran (p. 95)
Rapid Threat Detection for Stereovision Mobility Aid System

Rafał Kozik (p. 115)
18:00 The Mobile Personal Augmented Reality Navigation System

Jakub Krolewski, Piotr Gawrysiak (p. 105)
18:30 Diner in Skalite Highlander Cottage with live folklore music
Friday 07.10.2011
08:00 Breakfast
09:15 Keynote lecture 2
Human Centered Interfaces for Assisted Living

Anastasios Tefas, Ioannis Pitas (p. 3)
10:15 Session B: Man-Machine Interfaces
Multimedia Interface Using Head Movements Tracking

Łukasz Kosikowski, Piotr Dalka, Piotr Odya, Andrzej Czyżewski (p. 41)
Eigengestures for Natural Human Computer Interface

Piotr Gawron, Przemysław Głomb, Jarosław A. Miszczak, Zbigniew Puchała (p. 49)
On Possibility of Stimulus Parameter Selection for SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface

Marcin Byczuk, Paweł Poryzała, Andrzej Materka (p. 57)
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Session C: Bio-Data Analysis and Mining
Biomedical Sensor Analysis Using Mobile Technologies for Cardiovascular Disease Identification—A Case

Mariusz Chmielewski, Krzysztof Wilkos, Marcin Wilkos, Jarosław Lewandowski, Piotr Stąpor (p. 127)
A Deceiving Charm of Feature Selection: The Microarray Case Study

Miron B. Kursa, Witold R. Rudnicki (p. 145)
Correlation of Genes Similarity Measures Based on GO Terms Similarity and Gene Expression Values

Aleksandra Gruca, Michał Kozielski (p. 137)
Branching Processes in the Compartment Model of RNA World

Dariusz Myszor, Krzysztof A. Cyran (p. 153)
Biomass Specific Growth Rate Utilization for Model-Based Process Control and Supervision

Tomasz Strzępek (p. 161)
12:45 The Robust Models of Retention for Thin Layer Chromatography

Miron B. Kursa, Łukasz Komsta, Witold R. Rudnicki (p. 169)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Session D: DataManagement Systems
Data Replication Methods in Distributed Sale Systems

Piotr Kowalski, Katarzyna Harężlak (p. 403)
Architecture of the Multiagent System for Replicated Data Management

Łukasz Kulisz, Katarzyna Harężlak (p. 415)
Replicated Data Synchronization in the Agent System

Łukasz Kulisz, Katarzyna Harężlak (p. 425)
Verification of the Search Space Exploration Strategy Based on the Solutions of the Join Ordering Problem

Daniel Kostrzewa, Henryk Josiński (p. 447)
Merging Adjacency Lists for Efficient Web Graph Compression

Szymon Grabowski, Wojciech Bieniecki (p. 385)
16:15 Coffee break
16:30 Session E: Sound and Text Processing, Design and Decision Support
An Approach to Determining Tinnitus Acoustical Characteristic

Piotr Suchomski, Piotr Odya, Józef Kotus, Andrzej Czyżewski (p. 221)
Recognition of Author Gender for Literary Texts

Urszula Stańczyk (p. 229)
Home Butler Creating a Virtual Home Assistant

Alexiei Dingli, Stefan Lia (p. 251)
Towards Intelligent Systems Supporting Conceptual Design

Ewa Grabska, Grażyna Ślusarczyk (p. 259)
17:45 Graph Similarity Measure in Automatic Evaluation of Designs

Barbara Strug (p. 267)
18:00 Diner
20:00 Photo Competition Session
Saturday 08.10.2011
08:00 Breakfast
09:15 Tutorial Part 1
Content-Based Image Retrieval: Some Basics

Gerald Schaefer (p. 21)
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Tutorial Part 2
12:45 Content-Based Image Retrieval: Advanced Topics

Gerald Schaefer (p. 31)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Session F: Clustering, Rough and Fuzzy Investigations
Multiobjective Differential Crisp Clustering for Evaluation of Clusters Dynamically

Indrajit Saha, Ujjwal Maulik, Dariusz Plewczyński (p. 307)
A Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Graph-Based Clustering

Krisztian Buza, Antal Buza, Piroska B. Kis (p. 323)
Fuzzification Operator for Rough Sets in Image Segmentation

Dariusz Małyszko, Jarosław Stepaniuk (p. 287)
Neuro-Fuzzy System for Large Data Sets

Krzysztof Simiński (p. 297)
Semantic Data Selections and Mining in Decision Tables

Krzysztof Czajkowski, Mieczysław Drabowski (p. 279)
16:15 Coffee break
16:30 Session G: Pattern Recognition and Medical Applications
Nutrition Assistance Based on Skin Color Segmentation and Support Vector Machines

Ermioni Marami, Anastasios Tefas, Ioannis Pitas (p. 179)
An Application of Fuzzy Clustering Method to Cardiotocographic Signals Classification

Michał Jeżewski, Jacek Łęski (p. 315)
Automatic System for Classification of Melanocytic Skin Lesions Based on Images Recognition

Paweł Cudek, Wiesław Paja, Mariusz Wrzesień (p. 189)
A Virtual Anatomical 3D Head, Oral Cavity and Teeth Model for Dental and Medical Applications

Georgios Moschos, Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Ioannis Pitas, Kleoniki Lyroudia (p. 197)
3D Hand Shape Modeling for Automatic Assessing Motor Performance in Parkinson’s Disease

Katarzyna Kaszuba, Bożena Kostek (p. 207)
17:45 Free time
20:00 Banquet in Skalite Night Club
Sunday 09.10.2011
08:00 Breakfast
09:15 Session H: Algorithms and Optimisation
A Parallel GPU-Designed Algorithm for the Constrained Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem

Adam Gudyś, Sebastian Deorowicz (p. 361)
Using the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Determining the Heat Transfer Coefficient

Adam Zielonka, Edyta Hetmaniok, Damian Słota (p. 369)
Parallel Independent Simulated Annealing Searches to Solve the VRPTW

Bożena Wieczorek (p. 377)
Efficient Representation of Transition Matrix in the Markov Process Modeling of Computer Networks

Piotr Pecka, Sebastian Deorowicz, Mateusz Nowak (p. 457)
AdaBoost Ranking Results Improvement by Pairwise Classifiers for Web Page Classification

Tomasz Gąciarz, Krzysztof Czajkowski, Maciej Niebylski (p. 293)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Session I: Prediction and Regression
The Forecasting Model Based on Wavelet Support Vector Machine and Multi-Elitist PSO

Jerzy Martyna (p. 335)
Correcting Streaming Predictions of an Electricity Load Forecast System Using a Prediction Reliability

Zoran Bosni č , Pedro Pereira Rodrigues, Igor Kononenko, João Gama (p. 343)
Support Vector Regression as a Classification Problem with a Priori Knowledge in the Form of Detractors

Marcin Orchel (p. 351)
11:30 Farewell session
12:00 Checking out
13:00 Lunch

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